Advanced Options

Please note that these are options. The defaults will work fine for most people. So, if you don't feel like reading this stuff, or if this doesn't make sense, you can safely ignore it.

Zone/Talkgroup Sort Order

This setting controls how your zones are organized.

Alphabetize them for me - This is the default option; the tool will sort your zones alphabetically. Within the Digital Repeater zones (1 zone per repeater), the channels (1 per talk group) will be sorted alphabetically by talk group name. Within the Analog/Digital-Others zones, the channels will be sorted alphabetically as well.

Use my sorting, DMR Repeaters as the first zone - this lets you control the sorting. For the Digital Repeater zones (1 zone per repeater), you can control the order of the zones by simply ordering the rows in the Digital-Repeaters.csv to your liking. For the Digital Repeater channels (1 per talk group), you can control the ordering of those by sorting your TalkGroups.csv file as you see fit. The Analog and Digital-Others channels will follow the order that you specied in those files and will follow the digital repeaters.

Use my sorting, Analog channels as first zone - this is the same as the above, but the first zone will be the Analog/Digital-Others zones, the DMR repeaters will follow behind using your ordering, as described above.

TX Permit setting for Hotspots

Some hotspot owners would prefer a TX Permit setting of "Always" when they're using their hotspot. The default is "Same Color Code".

Same Color Code - This is the default option; all Digital Repeater channels have the TX Permit setting of "Same Color Code"

Always - For every Digital Repeater which has the same TX and RX Frequency, the TX Permit setting will be set to "Always".